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Why do volcanoes errupt?

Volcanoes erupt because the pressure on the magma beneath becomes too great for the layer of rock above to contain. The layer of rock gives and the magma bursts through to rel (MORE)

How do volcanoes appear?

volcanoes appear when two plate boundaries either move away from each other or move closer to each other. New land is made by lava solidifing in gaps in the earth. Under the s (MORE)

Volcanoes that are quiet are what kind of volcanoes?

Quiet volcanoes can be either dormant or  extinct. An extinct volcano, as you may have  guessed, has not erupted for a very long period of time and will  not erupt in the f (MORE)

What are volcanoes?

A volcano is : . An opening in the Earth's crust from which lava, ash, and hot gases flow or are ejected during an eruption. . A usually cone-shaped mountain formed by the m (MORE)

What is the throat of a volcano and what does it do?

A volcanic neck is the throat of a volcano and consists of a pipe like conduit filled with hypabyssal rocks. the volcanic Lave from the Magma Chamber comes out through the thr (MORE)

Why do volcanoes explode?

When rock inside the Earth becomes hot enough it melts. The molten magma is less thick than the solid rock surrounding it. Just as an object that is less thick than water will (MORE)

Is it true that there is a volcano in England and were to is the volcano?

there is an xtinct volcano in the UK Edinburgh in Scotland is built on the core of an xtinct volcano it may still be live and maybe one day will cause a volcanic eruption but (MORE)

Is tambora an Active volcano dormant volcano or an extinct volcano?

Mt. Tambora last erupted in 1815 A.D. producing the largest historical eruption in human history. The eruption killed over 90,000 people, and created a large crater. Smaller e (MORE)

What type of volcano is the smith volcano?

The Smith Volcano is a large green cinder cone. The base is surrounded by large quantities of Smithian moss, contributing to the nomenclature of the said volcano. Local villag (MORE)

Is Yellowstone volcano a dangerous volcano?

Potentially. While it produces extremely large super eruptions  every few hundred thousand years, studies of the magma chamber  indicate that it is unlikely a major eruption (MORE)