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What are some names of voluptuous famous women?

Answer . Kate Smith was not the fattest, but she was certainly full-figured. She was very popular TV personality and singer in the very early days of television.
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Why do mexicans and blacks like voluptuous women?

Most men regardless of color go for women with more voluptuous shapes; it's just in the black and Hispanic community, many more men were prouder to admit it without worrying t (MORE)
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Am I voluptuous enough to entice my mate and keep him?

There is much more to a successful relationship than a pretty face and good figure. True, individuals are attracted to physical looks to a degree, but after a few months that (MORE)
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Is voluptuous a compliment?

Yes, voluptuous is a compliment. A very strong compliment as well. It means that a woman has very large and amazing curves and has great "assets"
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Does voluptuous mean fat?

No, although the word has been co-opted by overweight women online.The actual definition is "curvaceous and sexually attractive".Think Kate Upton.