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What is the five vowels?

In British English the five vowels are: a, e, i, o, u. Nearly every word in the English language has one of these five letters in them. The letter 'y' is sometimes unofficia (MORE)
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Does Hebrew have vowels?

All languages have vowels, including Hebrew, but not all languages  include vowels in their writing. Hebrew Originally had no written  vowels at all. The Alphabet consisted (MORE)

Is y a vowel and how?

Yes, y can be a vowel when it appears in words such as why, cry, try, baby, and others. The English language mandates at least one vowel per syllable, so y is occasionally cou (MORE)

Is Y a vowel?

Since English is a difficult language, y is only sometimes a vowel.It depends on how the y is being used. Y is a vowel when makes a syllable or completes a diphthong. Y is a (MORE)

What is a vowel sound?

A vowel sound is an exhalation of air where a sound is produced in the larynx (voicebox) rather than being shaped by the nose and mouth (tongue, lips, teeth). It is possible (MORE)
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When is a vowel short?

A "short vowel" does not have the same sound as the letter itself, whereas the "long vowel" does. Examples : Short A (ah) - bat, cat / Long A (ay) - baby, cane Short E ( (MORE)

Is a a vowel?

  Vowels are.   A   E   I   O   U
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