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Why does not clumping occurs when blood group 'a' is transfused in 'ab' blood group?

  Compatible blood types   Packed red blood cells type A do not contian enough Anti-B antibody to cause a reaction in AB type people. The plasma (liquid portion of bl (MORE)

Can AB blood group donate to A blood group?

Simple answer no. O can donate to A or B but not the reverse. A and B can donate to AB but not the reverse. Neither A or B can donate to each other. It also depands on the rh (MORE)

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What does VSM award mean?

Vietnam Service Medal. This is the yellow ribbon decal that one sees on cars, and has vertical red lines running down the center of it (representing the RVN flag) with green t (MORE)

You have AB your daughter as A blood group what blood group is your husband?

Your husband could be: AA (AA, AB) AO (AA, AB, AO, BO) AB (AA, AB, BB) OO (AO, BO) BO (AB, BB, BO, AO) Any of the above combinations could result in your daughter (MORE)

Is AB positive blood group is rare?

No, it really isn't that rare. Statistics show that lots of people have blood AB.
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