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What is vulcanization?

The process of treating materials, such as rubber, to make it less sticky, and more durable. The process (named after the Roman God Vulcan) uses heat, and chemicals, such as s (MORE)

What is a Vulcan?

In the Star Trek universe, a Vulcan is a humanoid who originates from the planet Vulcan. Notable Vulcans include Spock, Sarek, Saavik, and Tuvok.

What is a vulcan minigun?

a vulcan minigun is a big weapon with small holes in the front and it does alot of damage and can pump out a lot of lead real fast

Who invented vulcanizing?

Vulcanazation (the adding of hot sulpher to rubber to make it durable) was either developed or stumbled upon (depending on who you believe!) by Charles Goodyear in the USA. Th (MORE)

Who was vulcan the dragon?

vulcan was a Japanese dragon. he was the most powerful of all dragons. he lived up to be 200,000,001 years old. he's still alive, wise and powerful. vulcan and iglooloo made a (MORE)

Where can you by a Nerf vulcan?

There are a lot of places to get the Vulcan. Like Wal-mart or toys r us. Or you could try looking on the web, try to get your parents to get one of ebay.

What was Vulcan occupation?

In Vulcan society, they had many of the same professions that humans have. They tend to make the study of science a priority.