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How to checking the oil of a vulcan 800?

  With the bike securely level, either propped with a stand or jack or the help of a friend, check the sight glass on the bottom left side of the engine case, near the kic (MORE)

How do you check the oil on a vulcan 1500?

It takes two people, at least on my 2005 1500 vulcan classic. There is a window on the bottom right side of the engine. Hold the bike level and look through the sight glass.
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What is vulcanization?

The process of treating materials, such as rubber, to make it less sticky, and more durable. The process (named after the Roman God Vulcan) uses heat, and chemicals, such as s (MORE)

When was vulcanized rubber invented?

Vulcanized rubber was invented in June of 1844 by Charles Goodyear. no vulcanized rubber was discovered not invented in 1839   it was invented in 1839 but did not write it (MORE)

What is the difference between vulcanicity and volcanicity?

Vulcanicity is a process through which gaseous, liquid and solid materials are forced out of the earths crust to the earths surface. Volcanicity is the process where igneous (MORE)

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How do you turn down the idle Kawasaki Vulcan Vulcan 900?

On the side of your air filter closest to the front forks you will find a small knob about 3/4 of the way up. After your bike has warmed up adjust the idle to where you want i (MORE)

How do you start the Kawasaki vulcan?

Turn on Fuel valve   Pull-out choke handle   Pull-in clutch lever   Push starter button   Do not turn throttle     I have a 1988 Vulcan VN1500a and the sta (MORE)

Who invented vulcanizing?

  Vulcanazation (the adding of hot sulpher to rubber to make it durable) was either developed or stumbled upon (depending on who you believe!) by Charles Goodyear in the U (MORE)

What does vulcan look like?

Vulcans are a species first introduced in Star Trek: The Original Series. I don't know how you can be a Star Trek fan without knowing what Vulcans look like, but I might as we (MORE)