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What movie and television projects has Sal Vulcano been in?

Sal Vulcano has: Played Ensemble in "Criss-Cross" in 2005. Played Pinky in "Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy" in 2006. Played Sal in "The Tenderloins" in 2009. Played hi (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Malin Vulcano been in?

Malin Vulcano has: Played Journalist in "Hotel Seger" in 2000. Played Sara in "Dog Is Watching" in 2000. Performed in "Pornodrome - Una storia dal vivo" in 2002. Played Ukrain (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Vulcano - 1950?

The cast of Vulcano - 1950 includes: Adriano Ambrogi as Don Antonio Lucia Belfadel as Carmela Rossano Brazzi as Donato Eduardo Ciannelli as Giulio Ignazio Consiglio as Boat Ca (MORE)
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What are the release dates for Vulcano - 1950?

Vulcano - 1950 was released on: Italy: 2 February 1950 Netherlands: 7 September 1950 France: 4 October 1950 West Germany: 18 January 1951 Austria: April 1952 Denm (MORE)