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Wacky conspiracies about the Titanic sinking?

The Titanic never really sank but was "beamed up" by aliens, who cleverly replaced the Titanic with a life sized model. The Titanic is still floating in suspended animation ha (MORE)
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What are wacky packers?

They are parody stickers with funny sayings on it. Examples:Mtn Dude(mtn dew; Honey tomb cereal(honey comb cereal) Pinkies(twinkies)
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Where can you get wacky rubber bands?

Well, I don't know about wacky bands(im still looking for those myself) but you can get silly bands at mastermind toys, claires, ardene, carlton cards, toys R us......i think (MORE)
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What is Wacky gas?

Wacky gas is a highly toxic mixture of pig semen and the blood of aweek old infant child. Do not breate this hazardous liquid or youcould be infected with gynocomastia. and sw (MORE)
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What would a wacky shop sell?

Wacky goods. Quirky stuff. Strange stuff. Funny stuff. Stuff for amusing your pals. Stuff to play with. One stuff was a substance rather like bluetack which you could stretch (MORE)
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Was there a president who was wacky?

No. All of the presidents were grumpy. And, either Abraham Lincoin or George Washington had a silly rule called 'don't raise one eyebrow higher than the other.' Abraham Li (MORE)

Is wacky a girl name or a boys?

Wacky isn't a name so neither. (alternate answer) The word wacky refers to a kind of broad, silly style of comedy, such as that of the Three Stooges. It would not be a propi (MORE)
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What services does Wacky Warehouse provide?

If you're looking for a place to get away with your children and friends you may want to visit Wacky Warehouse. Wacky Warehouse offers a wide range of fun and wacky things for (MORE)