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What are the wacky things on the page with 9 in the book wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss?

I could only find 8. 1 roller skates 2 ZY 3 Shoe on desk leg 4 standing on head 5 George Washington 6 old man 7 desk turned around 8 missing head. Before we (MORE)
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What proffesion do you often find people with wacky hair?

Often times, you'll find people with wacky hair working at trendy beauty salon's, Hot Topic, or any skater shop. If you are looking for FAMILY FEUD ON FACEBOOK APPLICATION AND (MORE)
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How do you use a wacky whistle?

by placing it in the roof of your mouth, white side facing down and and straight edge facing to your teeth then say  SHIP SHOP SHIRP & SHHH CHICK-A-CHICK  but it's easy to s (MORE)
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Whagt could you dress up as on a schools wacky clothes day?

You could wear your shirt inside out! Wear leggings with bright colors! Wear dark shorts! Wear one sneaker and one flat! With mismatching socks! The socks should be (MORE)