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What is die and wafer in CPU components?

A wafer is a disc of pure silicon metal cut from a manufactured rod. It is usually more than 150mm in diameter and less than a millimetre thick. It is then processed in vacuum (MORE)

Why do catholics use wafers?

At Jesus' Last Supper, it was the PASSOVER and he ate unleavened bread (no yeast, no rise) as was the Jewish custom. The wafer is unleavened bread.
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Is a wafer a cake?

No. It is categorically a biscuit. A wafer cannot possibly be a cake due to the ingredientile nature of its molecular make up. A pink wafer biscuit holds the record for the n (MORE)
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How can one make homemade wafers?

Homemade wafers can be made by mixing together flour, baking powder and salt, using a mixer mix vanilla sugar and cream. Add eggs. Mix all ingredients together and scoop into (MORE)
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For what is Von Wafer most famous?

Von Wafer is a professional NBA basketball player from China. He is popular for playing on the Rockets and now on the Xinjiang team. The position he plays is Guard.
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What is the purpose of a silicon wafer?

Silicon wafers are thin pieces of silicon which are used in integrated circuits. Silicon is used as it has been proven in tests to be an effective semi-conductor. Much of the (MORE)
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What is a silicon wafer?

Silicon wafersare a key component of integratedcircuits such as those used to power computers, cellphones, anda wide variety of other devices. A silicon wafer consists of a (MORE)