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Is the wailing wall judaism?

The "wailing wall" is a popular term for what is more formally called the Western Wall -- in Hebrew, ha-Kotel ha-Ma'aravi, or the Kotel (the Wall) for short. It's an outer wal (MORE)
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Why do people wail at the wailing wall?

to say the prayers and slot peices of paper in to the cracks of the  wall.    Nobody wails about anything at the Western Wall. The term "Wailing  Wall' came about due (MORE)

Where is the wailing wall?

The 'wailing wall' - it's in Jerusalem, it is the remaining,  western wall of Salomon's Temple.
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How old is the 'Wailing Wall' in Jerusalem?

One thought: Over 2000 years . What is commonly called the "Wailing Wall" is believed to be what's left of the western wall of the Temple Courtyard in Jerusalem. This Templ (MORE)
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What city and country wailing wall in?

The Western Wall is located in the Old City of Jerusalem. According  to Israeli Law, the city is under Israeli civil control. According  to International Law, the city is un (MORE)
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What is the Wailing Wall a part of?

Wailing Wall   The Wailing Wall, aka the Western Wall, is a remnant of the destroyed Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Jews through the millennia would come and pour out their he (MORE)