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How was waitomo caves made?

From god. +++ The question is "how", not "by whom"! They are still active, carrying a stream, so are still-developing karst caves in limestone, i.e. formed by dissolution of t (MORE)
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What process formed the limestone caves at Waitomo?

\n \nIt was the geological and volcanic activities created the caves, which have evolved over the last 30 years. \n. \n. ++ \n. \n. Volcanic? Limestone caves are formed by (MORE)

How were waitomo caves formed?

They - or it? - are normal karst caves, formed in limestone by its dissolution by water. I believe they still carry a stream: if so they are still forming.

When were waitomo caves made?

The nearest I found was the age of the limestone - 30million years - but that doesn't help! The caves are far younger. You'd have to determine the age of the orogeny that upli (MORE)