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What does wal-mart mean?

the family's last name was Walton and mart means store. so wal is short for Walton, and the store was founded by sam Walton. there you have it! wal mart!
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What does wal-mart modular team do?

The Modular team is responsible for rearranging product displays (including shelves and the like) of most items in the store according to direction from the Home Office. Secon (MORE)

What brand of paint does wal-mart sell?

Glidden Paint, Better Homes and Gardens as well as private label Color Place. Stains also - All are made by Akzo Nobel Paints, the worlds largest coatings company and owners o (MORE)
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How much does a Wal-Mart Greeter get paid?

A greeter gets payed a level one hourly wage. It will be at or a little above minimum wage for your area. But it also depends on how long the greeter has worked for Wal-Mart. (MORE)

Is Wal-Mart good for America?

Answer   Answer   Not only is Walmart good for America but it's good for any country that they decide to open up in. I'm Canadian, there are as many walmart stores in (MORE)

What is wal-mart wages for employees?

That really depends on what state you're in and what your position is. I live in Washington State and I am a Photo Lab Sales Associate (Pay Grade 3), which makes $9.75 per hou (MORE)