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What store did wal-mart originate from?

Sam Walton (founder of Walmart) owned his first store, Ben Franklin, in Newport AR late in the 1940s. He closed that store and moved it to Bentonville AR, renaming it Walton's (MORE)

How much does Wal-Mart Store Management make?

It depends on the sales volume of the store, the location(metro or non-metro), and in some instances the area of the country.     Wal-Mart Management Salary Scale  (MORE)

Where is the largest Wal-Mart store?

Alabany ny, if my research is correct opened a 260,000 sq foot 2 story walmart.Therefore making it the largest walmart in the U.S. hope this helps.
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Wal-Mart Stores Inc you lost your receipt can you get a new one?

  Yes.   If it was a receipt, then you just log into your account and find the order number and can print out a new invoice.   If it was done at a walmar (MORE)

Can a licensed gun owner enter stores with a concealded weapon such as wal-mart?

I'm going to assume you mean; Can a person with a gun permit carry a gun into a store like Wal-mart? The answer is, generally yes, but it depends. Each state in the U.S. sets (MORE)

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