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Can you hang wallpaper over wallpaper?

Answer You can Hang wallpaper over wallpaper but it tends to not hold to the walls as well as hanging in on a bare surface. However, if you must, first paint over the old wal (MORE)

What is wallpaper?

In a very limited, computer-sense, the answer below is correct. However, a more widely accepted definition of wallpaper is a decorative covering for a wall. . Wall paper is (MORE)

Will Wallpaper sizing work hanging wallpaper over wallpaper?

Will Wallpaper sizing work hanging wallpaper over wallpaper ~~~~~~ Yes, but it has been my experience that you will never be fully happy with the results. I always remove ol (MORE)

How do you remove wallpaper paste from wallpaper?

this is a good question, paste should be kept to the back of wallpaper by using all the paste table. when you paste wallpaper you should lay it on the table so the joining edg (MORE)

How do you get wallpaper on iPhone?

To change the wallpaper on your iphone, you have to first jailbreak it. There are several ways to jailbreak it, but the best way is to use a download calle ra1in. However, it (MORE)
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What is a wallpaper?

Wall paper is a decorative paper used to cover dry wall when you redo a room in your house. Wallpaper can also be a border allowing you to make a stripe.