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What did edmond halley do?

He was the second British Astronomer Royal, and he realized that sightings of a bright comet in the past were probably the same object and correctly predicted its next return; (MORE)

Pictures of kevon edmonds and wife Ruth ross edmonds?

Dr. Ruth Ross-Edmonds is my orthodontist and she is the wife of Kevon Edmonds,the lead singer of the boy group After 7 and brother of the producer and musician,Babyface Edmond (MORE)
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What was Kevon Edmonds renown for?

Kevon Edmonds is famous for his acting talents and singing ability. His younger brother is perhaps more well known as "Babyface" an artist from the mid 1990s.
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Citizen Edmond Genet?

Edmond-Charles Genet was the French Ambassador in the United States  during the French Revolution. He is called citizen Genet and he  tried to recruit people to join the Fre (MORE)