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What is waltz music?

A "waltz" is any music in 3/4 time or 3 meter.[3 beats for every bar of music] Rock music for example is usually in 4/4 time. Russell Byers - The waltz became popular in 19th (MORE)
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What is Waltz?

a waltz is a calm dance usually used at a party or a ceremony but it is calmful and relaxing and enjoyable dance to dance to A waltz is done in 3/4 time.
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How popular is waltz?

The waltz is an extremely popular dance form. As well as being adance form it is a popular musical number.
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When was the waltz invented?

Dances similar to the waltz were first described in the 1500s, andwere generally performed by peasantry. The waltz was introduced toEuropean aristocrats in the 1700s, and the (MORE)
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Who invented waltz?

The waltz has existed since the sixteenth century. It becamepopular in Vienna in the late eighteenth century and wascontroversial because of how closely the dance partners dan (MORE)
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What is the origin of waltz?

This name is origin from Germany. It means 'going on one's travels', similar to 'to wander'. Earlier in times when carpenters where not resident in towns, they 'wandered' arou (MORE)
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What is the tempo for a waltz?

Tempo of a dance waltz can vary from 100 beats per minute for a slow country waltz, to 180 beats a minute for a Viennese waltz. Time signature of a waltz is always 3/4. Howe (MORE)

What is the wedding waltz?

It's a slow dance to a wedding love song. It's the dance where the bride and groom dance for the first time as husband and wife.