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What are the functions of WAN?

Wide area network generally consist of two or more local networks .Computers connected to a WAN are often connected through publicComputers connected to a wide-area network ar (MORE)

Is the Intranet a LAN or WAN?

An intranet, or "Internal Network", is a system that is often run across a Local Area Network (LAN) but also can be used across a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Campus Area (MORE)

What is wan?

a WAN is a Wide Area Network and is a network that covers a broad area. Company uses WANs to connect multiple building together and get data and information to employes that c (MORE)

What is a Cellular WAN?

  A cellular WAN is the network that is used to make cellular telephone calls. If you install a cellular WAN adapter to your notebook or desktop system, you can connect to (MORE)

What is a LAN and WAN?

A LAN is a local area network, meaning it is confined to one place. A WAN is a wide area network that spans large areas or distances, such as the Internet that goes everywhe (MORE)

What are advantages and disadvantages of a wan?

well an advantage is that occupants in two buildings can share a wireless connection to a network such as a large corporate network that demands connectivity. but a disadvanta (MORE)

What does wanning mean?

wan(wn)adj. wan·ner, wan·nest1. Unnaturally pale, as from physical or emotional distress.2. Suggestive or indicative of weariness, illness, or unhappiness; melancholy: a wan (MORE)

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