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What is war?

Answer   war is when a country fights for freedom,land,or religion.war is basicly when two countries fight for something.   Answer:   war is when two countries figh (MORE)

What is a war?

A war is a conflict between countries or groups of people because they don't like the other one's idea or they don't like their beliefs. Such as the American Civil War, they w (MORE)

Why do you have war?

we have war because of greed and betrayal.If one person wants something they have to have it so they fight over it like two year olds.
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Who were in the wars?

  There are actually quite a few factions battling in the wars that take place in the stars.   In episode 1, its the trade federation vs the republic   in 2 and 3 it (MORE)

Why is there a war?

War comes about when two groups of people with weapons (usually  organized into nations or organizations) cannot resolve a dispute  amicably and proceed to enforce their wil (MORE)

How was it in war?

  I was in the Kosovo war as a civilian in 1998-1999 , and its like hell , espcially when u have to do with filthy enemy like Serbia .. killing women , children , elderly (MORE)

Why do we do war?

Wars have been fought for many reasons. Most stupid and some very reasonable. Wars go back to the beginning of man. We fought for over 100.000 years and we are still going. I (MORE)