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In what ways did the Spanish American War and its aftermath represent a turning point in American foreign policy?

American foreign policy prior to the Spanish-American war was primarily isolationist, as US government was mainly focused on the Reconstruction of the Union and Manifest Desti (MORE)

What did the Americans get in the Spanish-American War?

In winning the Spanish-American war, in 1898, America gained temporary control of Cuba and indefinite colonial authority of Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines from the Span (MORE)

What were the causes of Philippine-American War?

Mutual distrust and a Filipino desire for independence that the United States was not willing to grant. The Spanish Army wanted to surrender Manila. The Filipinos were a re (MORE)

Who was the American hero of the Mexican-American war?

  The Mexican-American War produced primarily 3 war heroes. The first is Captain John Charles Frémont, nicknamed "The Pathfinder". His contribution to the war was the Bea (MORE)

Who won the Philippine American War?

Following the Spanish-American War, the US acquired the Philippine Islands as part of the terms of the treaty ending the war. During the war, the Philippine people assumed tha (MORE)

What were three ways that mobilization for war affected Americans on the home front?

Three ways that mobilization for war affected Americans on the home  front is well documented during the World War II era. The war  actually strengthened the economy in the (MORE)