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Who wrote War and Peace?

Leo Tolstoy, published in 1869 The book War and Peace was written by Leo Tolstoy. Leo Tolstoy Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy ( – ), commonly referred to in English (MORE)

What is the Arab-Israeli War of 1956?

The basic synopsis of the 1956 Arab-Israeli War (commonly called  the Suez Crisis) would be to say that President Nasser of Egypt was  planning to nationalize the Suez Canal (MORE)
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Is war required for peace?

  Answer   If you believe in a dualistic universe, then you cannot have one without the other. There cannot be good without evil to compare it to. Peace is a lack o (MORE)
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Setting of war and peace?

War and peace is a very big book, with many characters, so it is very hard to pinpoint one location in the book where it all happens. It starts in St. Petersburg in 1805, the (MORE)
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What does war and peace in Punjabi?

Punjabi is the language of the northern Indian region Punjab. This language very closely resembles the most predominately spoken language in India, called Hindi, although the (MORE)