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How many levels are there in dawn of war?

There are 11 missions in the Blood Ravens campaign (which is the only campaign) for the main game. The expansion "Winter Assault" has 6 playable missions where you play as bot (MORE)

What are the maximum levels for building on tribal wars?

Village Headquarters - 30 Barracks - 25 Stable - 20 Workshop - 15 Church - 3 First Church - 1 Academy - 1 on worlds using the Gold Coin system and 3 on worlds using the (MORE)

What is the highest level in Mafia Wars?

The highest level is 35,000. It was reached first by Dean and then Jaco hit it second. The highest level used to be 25,000 and was reached first, by I think Fong. I will not u (MORE)

Why do we have wars?

Wars have occurred throughout recorded history, and even before, beginning as the competition between tribes for limited resources. Later, empires were built by defeating othe (MORE)

How do you level up quicker on Mafia Wars?

Leveling up quicker on Mafia Wars 1. Use your energy and stamina as much as possible. 2. Use your energy and stamina in ways that give more experience points. Divide a jobs (MORE)

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