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Which two Presidents were in office during World War 2?

Roosevelt & Truman were the US Presidents during WW 2     *Franklin D. Roosevelt was President when the USA formally entered WW 2 on December 7, 1941, after Japan's a (MORE)

What pistol did the German officers carry in world war 2?

There were basically two pistol types that were carried by German officers, during World War 2; the PO8 Lugar and the Walther P38. In 1908 the German Army adopted the Luger to (MORE)

What is the caliber of ruger pistol that German officers carried with them in World War 2?

    Ruger is the name of a gun manufacturer in the USA. The German pistol carried by officers and non-commissioned officers was the Luger or the Model P 08. It fired (MORE)

Most decorated military officer in World War 2?

For many years Audie Murphy was recognized as the most decorated US soldier of WWII. Murphy was awarded the Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Service Cross, the two highes (MORE)

Highest rank officer captured World War 2?

You may get differering answers on this question which does not say whether it is an Allied or Axis officer. Hermann Goring would be the obvoious answer, but I do not conside (MORE)

What happened to the SS officers after World War 2?

Many of them escaped to Argentina after the war. Most officers of the SS and SS men had their blood type tattod on their arm and this gave up many of them to the allies who we (MORE)