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What is the war production board?

The War Production Board decided which companies would convert from peacetime to wartime production and all allocated raw materials to key industries.
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What was the purpose of the National War Labor board?

The purpose of the National War Labor Board was to mediate disputes between workers and management.
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What was significance of the war refugee board?

The Jewish Virtual Library states: The War Refugee Board It was not until late in the war that the United States attempted to rescue Jews from the Holocaust. In January 19 (MORE)

What was the role of the war industries board?

The War Industries Board (WIB) was a United States  government agency established on July 28, 1917, during World War I,  to coordinate the purchase of war supplies. The orga (MORE)
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Why was trade a cause in the civil war?

A major reason for the defeat of the Confederacy was its inability to trade, either with the Union or with foreign countries. The Union bloclkade had largely starved the South (MORE)