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What is Electronic warfare?

Electronc Warfare is any action that uses the elecromagnetic  spectrum to aid one's own miltary forces or war strategy  (Electronic Attack), that defends against enemy effor (MORE)

What is trench warfare?

Trench warfare was used primarily in the Civil War and World War I.Soldiers would dig trenches and get into them to avoid enemy fire.Trenches had often poor conditions and man (MORE)

Guerilla warfare in Vietnam?

Primarily conducted by the VC (Viet Cong) in South Vietnam; small unit hit and run attacks at key targets. A type of warfare conducted in South Vietnam involving Special Warfa (MORE)

What is medieval warfare?

Medieval warfare is warfare that took place during the Middle Ages. Armies during medieval times consisted of knights, heavy cavalry, light cavalry, and infantry. Weapons used (MORE)

Who relied on guerrilla warfare?

Many nations have used guerrilla tactics thru-out history. American  colonists used it during the Revolution (Francis Marion, the Swamp  Fox); Quantrill'sRaiders in the Civi (MORE)

Why was trench warfare an effective method of warfare?

Well,firstly trenching was effective because the soldiers could hide in the trenches,staying out of the enemy's reach,while being able to shoot without showing too much of the (MORE)

How trench warfare was fought?

During WWI, in trench warfare, German armies dug holes in the ground that were 6 to 8 ft. tall, and wide enough that 2 soldiers could walk side by side at the same time! Tr (MORE)

Why was the hit-and-run technique of guerrilla warfare successful against the British in the French and Indian War?

The hit and run technique caught the British off guard, at least when initially used in the French and Indian War. They were unable to use their techniques of concentrated vol (MORE)

What are the Negatives of trench warfare?

Trench Warfare was a stale mate. Sides were covered from enemy fire, but they couldn't advance themselves to win the battle. When they did charge threw no man's land, they wer (MORE)