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What is emotional warmth?

Now, I could be wrong... but I think that'd be the 'warm and fuzzy' feeling you get when you feel accepted or loved.
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Why is warmth important?

because if you are cold in your home you wont be able to get to sleep because you wont be comfortable. And when there is a lack of sleep in your life your concentration level (MORE)

What are the ratings of warmth?

When describing temperature, the words "cold", "colder". and "coldest", or "warm", "warmer", and "warmest" are used. Health professionals describe skin temperature as "cool" (MORE)
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How do snakes get warmth?

The have no way of generating their own body-heat (hence the term cold-blooded) - they absorb heat from their surroundings.

What color is for warmth?

Any colors of fire, so yellow, orange, and red are all options. Also, if you choose earthy tones, browns, greens, mustard yellow etc., those can also be warm.
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What is the noun for warmth?

The word 'warmth' is a noun ; a word for an emotional feelingor a physical sensation, a word for a thing. Example: I felt the warmth of the fire.
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Is warmth a texture?

Yes according to x power over a hundred which means you get photosythesis which is texture. And makes warmth a texture