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What is a storm warning?

At sea, a storm warning is issued by the National Weather Service  when high winds are predicted or occurring. They are issued when  winds speeds between 55 mph and 73 mph a (MORE)
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Are nightmares warnings?

have you ever dream being killed or depress in a way? And you dont even understand why? Here is the thing.If you felt like you fell of a building, either you cant breathe or (MORE)

What is a tornado warning?

A tornado warning is an advisory that is issued when a tornado has  either been spotted or detected or that a thunderstorm in the area  is likely to produce a tornado soon.
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What is a tarasoff warning?

A Tarasoff warning is where a mental health professional is required to warn of a credible danger to a reasonably identifiable victim. It was derived from the 1976 case Taraso (MORE)

What is the warning for a tsunami?

Warnings for a tsunami might be feeling the Earth shake, seeing the ocean water disappear from the beach, bay or river, or hearing an unusual roaring sign. A warning for this (MORE)

What is a police warning?

  a police warning if a formal notice that should you repeat the offense you will be ticketed or arrested depending on that particular circumstance you might also think of (MORE)

What is a scarborough warning?

It refers to an incident in 1557 when men encountered on the approach to Scarborough Castle, to perform a surprise attack, were hanged without trial on suspicion of robbery
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What you do if there is a hurricane warning?

Like any other emergency situations, you need to be prepared in case of an emergency. In advance: Buy flashlights and extra batteries.Replace batteries regularly. Buy canned (MORE)