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What is a Gale Warning?

a gale warning is basically a weather waring a gale is a type of weather or/ and a name but in this case it is a weather warning a gale is much like a hurricane! A gale (MORE)

Who is Shane Warne?

Shane Warne is a retired Australian cricketer. He is famous for his cruel spin bowling that claimed many wickets. Probably he is among the most famous cricketers in the world, (MORE)

What is a blizzard warning?

A blizzard warning means that winds may be up to 35 miles an hour.It also means that there will be periods of heavy snow for at least3 hours or longer.

Warnings for hurricanes?

Typically, warning for hurricanes is given at least a week prior tothe storm. If a hurricane is heading towards a person's home, theyshould board up the windows, stock their h (MORE)

What is security warning?

security warning is a waring of security when yhu are about to get a virus it warns yhu before yhu get it.Do security warning work? Yes it does

What this warning is for esp?

ESP (Electronic Stability Program) This system enhances directional control and stability of the vehicle under various driving conditions. ESP corrects for over/under steeri (MORE)

Do you get a warning if there is an earthquake?

Well there are warnings if there are earthquakes coming but not by humans by animals. Animals have very sharp senses, so if there was danger your animals will act crazy so you (MORE)

Do tsunamis have a warning?

Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes, which may be in distant locations, so yes, there is a warning, although people in the affected coastal areas do not always hear about the e (MORE)
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What is the analogy for warn?

Do you mean forewarned, as in you have be told, so if things go wrong it's on your head? If so then it just means that you have been told in advance that something might not w (MORE)