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What is the warning for a tsunami?

Warnings for a tsunami might be feeling the Earth shake, seeing the ocean water disappear from the beach, bay or river, or hearing an unusual roaring sign. A warning for this (MORE)

Is there warning for tornadoes?

Yes. Do not worry if you live in a tornado zone and if you are prepared for them.If you have a T.V. an alarm will go on warning you about the weather.Flood , tornado , hurrica (MORE)

What is a tornado warning?

A tornado warning is an advisory that is issued when a tornado has  either been spotted or detected or that a thunderstorm in the area  is likely to produce a tornado soon.
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What are the warnings about computer?

Usually its Epilepsy which means you get these tick's and sometimes resulting to blackouts , only happens if you use it a lot and for a long time without relaxation for your e (MORE)

What you do if there is a hurricane warning?

Like any other emergency situations, you need to be prepared in case of an emergency. In advance: Buy flashlights and extra batteries.Replace batteries regularly. Buy canned (MORE)

Who does not warn Caesar?

Well, none of the conspirators warn him, which is not surprising. Popilius Lena, however, seems to know all about it (he tells Cassius that he wishes that "your enterprise may (MORE)

What is a warning light?

A warning light is what your car has a malfunction in it. Like it may be a oil warning or something like that. If your warning light is on or blinking, take it to an auto shop (MORE)
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What is a tarasoff warning?

A Tarasoff warning is where a mental health professional is required to warn of a credible danger to a reasonably identifiable victim. It was derived from the 1976 case Taraso (MORE)