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When did Warren Harding say ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country?

  From the Warren G. Harding Ohio Historical Website:   In 1916, Senator Warren Harding spoke at the Republican national convention. It was June and the Republican's we (MORE)

Was Warren G. Harding a good president?

Actually, no. He was ranked the 2nd worst president. He even said himself, "I am not fit to be here. That's what historians say, but why? An ok answer would be that he app (MORE)

How did Warren G. Harding die?

Heart attack or stroke probably. His death was sudden and rather  mysterious. His wife would not let an autopsy be performed so the  cause of his death was a subject for muc (MORE)

Did Warren G. Harding get any awards?

Former President Warren G. Harding has been honored by appearing on  a U.S. postage stamp more than the majority of Presidents. He also  has a large number of public buildin (MORE)

What important contributions did Warren G. Harding give to the US?

Harding is routinely listed among the worst presidents in history, based mostly on the bribery scandal during his brief administration; his widow destroyed the majority of doc (MORE)

What was Warren G. Harding most famous for and why?

Harding was one of the most corrupt people to ever hold the office  of President. He sold judgeships and diplomatic posts to the  highest bidder. He turned a blind eye when (MORE)