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How do you get warts?

Warts are caused by a virus, specifically the human papillomavirus. This virus infects your skin, specifically your dermis. This it does by entering through cuts and 'microcut (MORE)

What are warts?

The virus named  "Human papillomavirus (HPV)" is the reason of wart appearing. It is rapid proliferation of the skin cells, resulting in the development of benign lumps. Ther (MORE)
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What is a wart?

According to the Medical Encyclopedia, warts are "small, benign growths caused by a viral infection of the skin or mucous membrane. The virus infects the surface layer." To (MORE)

Why do you get warts?

Various answers...   Warts may appear for various reasons, one of which being lack of hygiene and skincare.   Warts are a viral disease caused by a virus called Human (MORE)
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How do you get a wart?

Common warts are small harmless growths in the skin that are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. They often affect just one part of the body, such as the hands or (MORE)
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What are warts and how do you get them?

    Warts are a type of infection caused by the HPV virus. There are more than 100 different kinds of HPV. You can get them by touching a wart on another person or tou (MORE)
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What to you do when you have a wart?

If it's just a regular old wart then all you have to do is go to the doctor and they'll freeze it off for you. By the way it doesn't hurt 'cause I've done it. Also you can go (MORE)
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What do you do for warts?

I've had two plantar warts on my feet,the first one I had to get burned out with electricity at the doctor, now the second one I saw it coming, so I bought duo film, which hel (MORE)