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How do you get a washboard flat tummy?

25- leg raises at a slow pace, feet go from 6 to 12 inches fromfloor on each lift 15 second rest repeat leg raises but only do 2025 ab crunches (shoulders must come up off of (MORE)

What is a lingerie washboard used for?

This is an antique made by White Wood Products co. -- Bogalusa, LA. It is clearly marked with the following above the corrugated metal wash-. board on the wood --- "Lingerie (MORE)

How do you use a washboard?

u use it by putting it in water, with soap and clothes, than u pick up a piece of clothing in the bucket, where everything should be, and run the clothes down and up the washb (MORE)
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How much water did they use for a washboard?

A couple gallons & then a change when dirty. The bottom of the board rests in a bucket of water & you just slosh it up the board when you needed more.

What metals were used for washboards?

Initially, they were actually made of wood (even the ridges). Later on, they made the 'scrubbing' portion of the washboard with zinc. This was the main metal used up until the (MORE)
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What was a washboard used for in historic times?

The washboard was historically used to scrub dirty clothing. First made out of wood and then replaced with galvanized metal. Today washing machines use an agitator to does the (MORE)

How can you get washboard abs by playing kinect?

Maintain a regular diary associated with calorie consumption andalso to keep an eye on your own fitness program. This can help"psyche" a person on with much-need psychological (MORE)