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Who was Washington irving named after?

Washington Irving was named after George Washington. He was born on  April 3, 1783, which was the same week the residents of New York  City learned of the end of the Revolut (MORE)

Did Washington Irving have any children?

Washington Irving was an American author. His is not known to have  married or have had children. His works include "The Legend of  Sleepy Hollow".
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Was Washington irving ever married?

No, He was engaged to Matilda Hoffmann who died at age 17. He never married or became engaged again.
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How many sisters did Washington irving have?

Washington Irving had 3 sisters named Ann, Catherine, and Sarah.  Washington had 6 brothers but some of them had died when they were  young. Washington was the youngest in t (MORE)

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What writing techniques did Washington Irving use?

One of the most successful American writers in the colonies,  Washington Irving's stories had a very distinct European style. He  was a master of stylized prose with a stron (MORE)

What is Washington irving real name?

Washington Irving is his real name, But his pin name was Diedrich Knickerbocker. It is also said that he has another pin name which is Geoffrey Crayon, Gent.
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