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What does navalent mean?

Haha :P For some reason, I am assuming you are asking this because of "Simon" in the movie "True Lies", only because I thought the same thing for many years until I actually f (MORE)

What was the purpose of the washington naval disarmament conference and the Kellogg-briand pact?

At the end of World War I the United States, Great Britain, and  Japan all began large scale programs of capital ship construction.  This rapid building led to a naval arms (MORE)

Why did Washington negotiate the conciliatory jays treaty with the british?

During this time, the French revolution had begun. British navy attacked american merchant ships and captured their men to use in war(known as impressment). Patriotic american (MORE)

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What is a naval race?

a race to build up their navy so thay can build a bigger empire!!!! (like Germany did)
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How did Washington deal with the French revolution What side did he take Why And how did Jay's treaty help?

Washington urged the United States to maintain strict neutrality and to avoid any entanglement in European affairs. Washington was a reluctant supporter of the Jay Treaty. Jef (MORE)

What is naval gazing?

It has to do with thinking about yourself, possibly at the expense of actually doing anything. I have wondered about the origin of the phrase. One imagines a person staring at (MORE)