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Where do you get water from?

Well ouvbiously if your talking about buying it from the store or your tap then the sea. But if you mean in you body even though you don't drink water it is because somewhere ( Full Answer )
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Who is he who is in the water?

Usually someone who is about to be swept away by the currents, metaphorical for someone in times of trouble.
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Where do they get their water from?

Where does WHAT get their water from? If you're talking about plants, rain. THE WATER CYCLE
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Were do you get water from?

I get it from the faucet, but your likely being more general than that. You can get it from rain, ponds, lakes, puddles, foods, oceans (with the right filters, of course), ( Full Answer )
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Do we have to have water?

yes. orelse you will get dehydrated and shrivelup. and you have water in almost every food yu eat
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What can you do to have a water?

well, to have a water you dig a hole in the ground. Put a bucket in it, and pull it out or you can just pee in your bucket. You can also spit. Or steal tap water from public b ( Full Answer )
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What you can do in water?

You can do a whole lot of things in water, especially fun things. You can swim, snorkle, fish, ski, dive, float, skinny dip, jump, and even just stand and walk around in the w ( Full Answer )
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What water does?

Water can do many things. For example, the drops can magnify by the refraction of light. Hydrate. Straighten. Wet. Dampen. Smooth. Re-freshen. Etc.......
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Where do get water from?

Water is a compound of Hydrogen and Oxygen (H 2 O) and is formed naturally when the two elements meet in the right conditions.
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What is water?

It isn't really 2 molecules of hydrogen, but rather is 2 atoms ofhydrogen. Likewise for oxygen. It's really 1 atom. They join toform one molecule of water.