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What does a water softener do to the water?

First, you have to distinguish between conventional water softeners that use the big bags of salt (sodium chloride or potassium) and the newer saltless varieties. Conventiona (MORE)
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Does water filters demineralize water?

Some water filters do de-mineralize the water and others do not. The most effective form of home water filtration, a reverse osmosis system, will filter out minerals as well a (MORE)
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How is water usefull for water sports?

A water sport is named as such because the sport is in a certain body of water. ex: Rowing in a lake, diving in a pool Now imagine diving without water, that's how water i (MORE)

What is a water?

1 oxygen atom with 2 hydrogen atoms connected to it makes one water molecule. Water is ice as a solid and steam as a gas. It covers 3/4 of the earth's surface. It makes up mos (MORE)

Which water you are using as a potable water?

There are 5 characteristics for potable water. These are...    1) Must not have any microorganisms, which can cause disease 2)  Must contain dissolved oxygen (not too (MORE)

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If water freezes is it still water?

Yes, but in the solid form it is called 'ice'. Similarly when water boils the vapor produced is still water but is called water vapor or 'steam'.
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How do i confirm that this water is demineralized water?

The commonest test is to check the electrical conductivity between two electrodes. Pure water has very poor conductivity, but the conductivity improves as more ions are dissol (MORE)

Is rain water is pure water?

No, it is not always pure. In nature it is considered the purest form of water, which it is. However as it falls to the ground it mixes with a large number of impurities prese (MORE)

What is in water?

Drinking  water contains naturally occurring minerals such as calcium,  sodium and magnesium. The levels of these minerals can vary causing  very slight differences in tas (MORE)

When do you water and not water a Horse?

i not sure if u mean bathe or give water to drink.....a horse should ALWAYS have clean non frozen, chilled, not really really cold water to drink around them at ALL times. alw (MORE)