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If there was no water?

There would be no life as we know it. Humans consist of about 80% water. Every life form we know of requires water to exist, therefore, there would be no life on Earth. The Ea (MORE)

What is a water?

1 oxygen atom with 2 hydrogen atoms connected to it makes one water molecule. Water is ice as a solid and steam as a gas. It covers 3/4 of the earth's surface. It makes up mos (MORE)
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What water can do?

Water is a highly versatile solvent, it is also a participant in many chemical reactions such as photosynthesis, and it is a medium in which things can swim or float.

Where can you get water?

You get water after going on a large journey through caves with Pokemon on steroids and 1 million sharp flying objects. Then you get out of the cave and find the hidden sword (MORE)
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What can water do?

It can do anything. 1.It can keep you alive. 2.It can power over 200,000 square miles with electricity. 3.Some special cars run on water. 4.It gives many people jobs. (MORE)

Where can you get water from?

If you'd like to find some natural water look in the store or creeks,streams,ponds,oceans. It's everywhere this is a dumb question I don't why I'm answering this.
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Why you have WATER?

well 96 of your body is made of water and you need to drink lots of water our else you might died or as hippes call it passed away Thanks bye from the studio of answers in sa (MORE)