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How does oxytocin cause water intoxication?

Oxytocin and another hormone, ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) are very similar in structure. If there is too much oxytocin present in the blood it can begin to act like ADH. The j (MORE)

What are the stages of intoxication?

General Effect Alcohol is a DOWNER that reduces activity in the central nervous system.Eyes The eyes may appear somewhat "glossy" and pupils may be slow to respond to stimul (MORE)

What is food intoxication?

Food intoxication is when someone becomes ill from eating food that contained toxins that were produced by bacteria.
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Why does tap water enema cause water intoxication?

The intestines can absorb water.    A tap water enema may cause electrolyte disturbances similar to when a person drinks more water than their body can metabolize. As a (MORE)

Describe the mechanism by which a sodium deficit in interstitial fluid may lead to water intoxication and shock?

  Your kidneys require sodium to drive water and poisons through their membranes to create urine. Without sodium, they will not work. If your can not urinate, your blood b (MORE)

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