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What does a pedigree show?

The imformation gained from pedigree analysis makes it possible to  determine the nature of genes and alleles associated with inherited  human traits.
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How do you spell showed?

That is the correct spelling of "showed" (the past tense of to  show).    The similar word is should, used with a verb to mean a  usual or recommended action.
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What is the show After MASH about?

"After MASH" was a short lived spin-off of "MASH 4077" that brought Colonel Potter, Max Klinger, and Father Francis Mulcahy back together in civilian life. The characters were (MORE)

Can you show me a clip of the Amanda show?

well, i don't know how to make a link[sorry about that] but if you go on youtube and search "the Amanda show" there are lots of clips there... hope this helps:)
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What does an EKG show?

Electrocardiogram records the electrical activity of your heart.   ----   An EKG (or electrocardiogram) is an electrical representation of the cardiac activity as detect (MORE)

How can you show your spirituality?

In the Bible: A spiritual person is one who has received the new life that is given to all who believe in Jesus Christ as personal saviour. Being controlled by the spirit (MORE)
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Can you show me a woodchuck?

Go on Google Images and type in "Woodchuck". Click the Search button and many will come up.
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Is show a noun?

Yes, the word 'show' is both a noun (show, shows) and a  verb (show, shows, showing, show, shown, showed).    Examples:   This is my favorite TV show. (noun)   (MORE)