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What is a waterfall model?

The waterfall Project Management model is a skeleton for system development. It advances consecutively through a succession of phases, preliminarily with system feasibility an (MORE)

How is a waterfall formed?

Water falls over Hard rock. When it reaches the soft rock, the water starts to wear away the soft rock, this is called erosion. Over hundreds or even thousands of years, the s (MORE)

A definition of a waterfall?

A waterfall is the physical feature that occurs when a stream or river flows over the edge of a vertical (or nearly vertical) escarpment of considerable height (above a few me (MORE)

Does Japan have waterfalls?

  Yes. It is very mountainous, and has a few. One, for example, is at Kiyomizudera , otherwise known as the 'Water Temple'. It is based entirely around a small waterfall.
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What are the uses of waterfall?

A waterfall can power an electric generating plant with the energy of the falling water. Waterfalls are also very scenic and can attract tourists. Niagara Falls is used for bo (MORE)

How does a waterfall erode?

They water that flows over the edge takes rocks which erode the softer rock away. This normally undercuts the hard rock which eventually collapes.

What is the biggest waterfalls?

  The highest waterfall in the world is Salto Angel Falls on the Rio Gauja in Venezuela at 979 metres. The second highest is Tugela Falls on the Tugela River in South Af (MORE)