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Why did the allied trenches become waterlogged?

this was because they were only a few feet above sea level.. also because they were generally made where the earth was mainly clay and sand, and when it rained the water coul (MORE)

What is waterlogged?

ANSWER: The root words water and log are a main part of the answer. When wood is immersed in water, the water over time saturates the normally dry cells in the wood making it (MORE)

What are waterlogged trenches?

In the trenches, there was water. Like when you can't play a football match, you have a waterlogged pitch. If you stood in the mud and water in the trenches for too long, you (MORE)
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What is waterlogged soils?

Waterlogged soil is soil that is badly drained and the air has been forced out by water. It provides poor growing conditions.
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What is a waterlogged?

You have phrased the question wrong. It should be: What is a waterlogged object? Or something like that. Something that is waterlogged is something that is filled with a very (MORE)
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How can waterlogging be prevented?

water logging can be controlled by linning of cannals and properfarming techniques also by installation of tube wells and certainplants should be grown also by the use of modr (MORE)