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How do you fix a waterlogged baseball?

There are two choices that you can use to fix a waterlogged baseball. Either leave it on pavement on a very hot, sunny day. Once the sun goes down move the baseball(s) in an a (MORE)

Why were the British trenches so waterlogged?

British Trenches were waterlogged due to 2 key reasons:The geography of the trenches meant that they were largely flat and below sea level. This meant water was trapped in the (MORE)

What is waterlogged soils?

Waterlogged soil is soil that is badly drained and the air has been forced out by water. It provides poor growing conditions.
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How can waterlogging be prevented?

water logging can be controlled by linning of cannals and proper  farming techniques also by installation of tube wells and certain  plants should be grown also by the use o (MORE)

Why do roots die in waterlogged soil?

Plants cells require oxygen to live, but unlike animals, plants do not have a circulatory system designed to distribute oxygen to all its cells. When a plant takes in oxygen f (MORE)