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When was the battle of Waterloo fought?

  18 June 1815. Wellington describes it as a 'near run thing', and the French, led by Napoleon were unfortunate in allowing the Prussians to come to Wellingtons aid in the (MORE)
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What does it mean to meet your Waterloo?

It means to meet ones final crushing defeat. The defeat of Napoleon, Emperor of France, at Waterloo in Belgium, was his final defeat. The battle was on the 18th June 1815, a (MORE)

What was the Battle of Waterloo about?

The countries of Europe, excepting France, had spent the previous 10 years fighting against Napoleon Bonaparte as he tried to impress his influence on them militarily. Havin (MORE)

What is meant by Waterloo Teeth?

The Battle of Waterloo was a huge battle between France and Britain (with Prussia as Britain's ally). Britain eventually won, but there were huge amounts of dead men on each s (MORE)

What is a bridge?

A bridge is a structure standing over a river, lake, etc. Its purpose it to get cars, people, etc. across the water. A bridge is also a musical term, similar in nature to th (MORE)

Which school is in Waterloo Road?

'Waterloo Road' is the fictional name for the School, and also the TV drama programme's title. The new site: From Autumn this year (2012) the production is moving to Scotla (MORE)