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Where can you audition for Waterloo road?

I have read various interviews with the extras and stuff and they all say Waterloo road casting is done through agents only so I'm afraid that's the only was as far as I know! (MORE)

Who has died in Waterloo road?

The first person who died in the Waterloo Road TV series is Adam Deardon, who dies in a car crash. The second person to die in the television series is Lorna Dickey (also know (MORE)

Which school is in Waterloo Road?

'Waterloo Road' is the fictional name for the School, and also the TV drama programme's title. The new site: From Autumn this year (2012) the production is moving to Scotla (MORE)
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Will Waterloo road be returning?

It has been confirmed that Waterloo Road will be returning for a fourth series. However it has not yet been confirmed that Eva Pope who plays Rachel Mason, or whether Christi (MORE)

Has anyone died in Waterloo road?

Quite a few people have died. Adam Deardon died in the very first episode. Lorna Dickey commited suicide, and her best friend Izzie Redpath was stabbed in the school car park (MORE)