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Where buy waterstone Pokemon LeafGreen?

  celadon mart 4th floor just in case you wanted to know here's the price list..veronica   POKE DOLL $1,000   RETRO MAIL $50   FIRE STONE $2100   THUNDER STO (MORE)

9 P in the S S?

9 P. in the S. S. equals 9 planets in the solar system EDIT: Which is no longer the case, as Pluto has now been classified as a dwarf planet.
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What is a s corporation?

An S corporation is one that passes corporate income, losses,  deductions, and credits to it's shareholders. The shareholders then  list these ups and downs on their persona (MORE)

Who is S Bros?

  s bros full name is super smash bros. and it is a video game the best video game in the world to be exact
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Does finneon evolve with a waterstone?

  no but it will evolve at lvl 31 i believe so save your stone Finneon evolves at Level 31 into Lumineon. Water Stone is not compatible with it.
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How do you get a Waterstone on Pokemon Gold?

If you remember where Bill's house is in Red, Blue, and Yellow (North of Cerulean) then go to that house and talk to Bill's dad, he'll ask you to find Pokemon for him. He'll g (MORE)
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Where to find waterstone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can find water stone from the following places: National park (if you win bug catching contest you have chance to win it) Route 42 (pokegear phonecall) Route 25 (sho (MORE)

How do you get a waterstone on Pokemon white?

One way to getting a Water Stone is to talk to a guy in Castelia  City and answer with Panpour and he will give you a Water Stone and  other ways of receiving Water Stones i (MORE)
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What is 9 s by a S I T?

9 saved by a Stitch In Time meaning a stitch now will save having to do 9 stitches later; from the expression 'a stitch in time saves nine'.
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