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What composes the watertight skin of a ship?

The watertight bulkhead of a ship consists of many inner layers  made out of high grade steel. Having layered compartments ensures  that the ship can remain afloat if one of (MORE)

What does watertight enclosure around construction mean?

It can mean something like a 'coffer dam' which is a structure built around a construction site in a river or sea to permit work within it after water is pumped out.
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Is watertight the same as airtight?

"No... no it's really not. Water tight is when water can't get in Airt tight is when air can't get in So I guess it's similar. But different."   Not an illuminating a (MORE)

Difference between watertight and weather tight with reference to vessel?

"Watertight means designed and constructed to withstand a static head of water without any leakage" (46 CFR 114.400 and 175.400). This refers to structures that must withstand (MORE)

Can you explain reserve buoyancy Can I say that an open lifeboat has got reserve buoyancy or only an floating object with watertight integrity has reserve buoyancy?

Reserve buoyancy is the watertight volume a ship has above the waterline.    Buoyancy is the upward force on a ship derived from the displacement of a weight of water e (MORE)

Are cars watertight?

No. Most cars aren't even approximately watertight.    There have been "amphibious" cars that are watertight on the  bottom, to allow them to float, but even on these (MORE)