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What are watertight bulkheads?

Ship Bulkhead   Bulkheads are the metal watertight compartments that store water so a ship cannot sink     Van Bulkhead   Bulkheads for vans are the same (MORE)

Is watertight the same as airtight?

"No... no it's really not. Water tight is when water can't get in Airt tight is when air can't get in So I guess it's similar. But different."   Not an illuminating a (MORE)
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Do mammals have a watertight egg?

The only mammals which lay eggs (monotremes) are the platypus and the echidna. These two monotremes lay soft, leathery eggs. The eggs will keep out water to some extent, but t (MORE)

Are cars watertight?

No. Most cars aren't even approximately watertight.    There have been "amphibious" cars that are watertight on the  bottom, to allow them to float, but even on these (MORE)

What is a watertight lid?

Watertight means that when the lid is sealed, water cannot get into or out of the container.
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What does the term watertight mean?

Watertight is used to describe something that is closely sealed, fitted, or fastened so no water can get through. It can also be used to describe an argument that cannot be di (MORE)