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Why are waterways important?

The Chang and Xi river was important because it was good for trade and transportation.
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What are the disadvantages of waterways?

It depends on the weather conditions like wind, season ,as in, the summers bring drought, monsoon where the rivers would be full and unsafe for travel . It needs long travel ( Full Answer )
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What are the waterways of Munich?

There are no waterways in Munich. The Isar River flows thru Munich, but it's to shallow.
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What are the 11 waterways?

well i don't know that is why i am on here and i still got nothing this is just some bull right here
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What are the waterways of the us?

Now we can have running water in our house's, like in our bathroom's, or kitchens.
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What are the waterways in Iran?

Straight of Hormoz which connects Persian Gulf to the Sea of Oman and Indian Ocean. Also the Caspian lake which is a link between Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turk ( Full Answer )
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When are waterways useful?

Waterways are useful because people use them to transport things, and to travel. *I hope this is what you were looking for. Otherwise, sorry.
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What are the waterways of islam?

The question does not make sense as posed. Islam is a religion, not a place, and so does not own or possess waterways.
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Does Antarctica have waterways?

Ninety-eight percent of Antarctica is covered with an ice sheet --it is not known for its waterways.
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What Waterways Are In Antarctica?

Ninety-eight percent of the Antarctic continent is covered by an ice sheet. Any 'waterway' on the continent is frozen.