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Waterways in Italy?

what are the waterways in italy? email me back at Dont give out personal information u could get kid napped

Does Australia have waterways?

Yes. There are many significant waterways in Australia. The Murray River is Australia's longest navigable river, and well known for its stretches of sandy beaches. It was use (MORE)
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What do locks do on waterways?

On a waterway, a lock is a section of the waterway with doors at either end. The water is higher on one side of the lock than it is on the other. Say a boat approaches the loc (MORE)
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What are the advantages of waterways?

1. waterways are cheaper and easy means of transport. 2. it is fuelefficient,donot cause any pollution and are ecofriendly. 3. it is the easy mode for transporting the heavy a (MORE)
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What are the waterways of Bolivia?

Bolivia 's main waterways consist exclusively of rivers, lakes and lagoons as the country is landlocked and has no seaport. Lake Titicaca in the western Andes region is th (MORE)
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Why are there waterways in Asia?

The same reason there are waterways in every other country! Rain, melting snow on mountaintops, rivers formed from oceans, etc.