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How do you get waves?

1.Wash your hair out. 2.Put some wave grease in your hair(YOUR CHOICE) 3.Then brush your hair for 10 minutes 4.After that put some Olive oil 5.Brush your hair for (MORE)

What is a wave?

1. the initial negative deflection in the electroretinogram,presumably reflecting retinal photoreceptor activity; 2. an atrial deflection in an electro gram recorded from with (MORE)

How do you wave?

Generally, to wave hello, you keep your hand pointed straight up and wave at your wrist left to right. . Waving goodbye can be with the same gesture, or by waving your hand (MORE)
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Who are waves?

You mean 'What are waves?' Waves are the bobbly things you see on ponds, lakes and the sea.

How can you get waves?

Take a shower before you go to bed. Then separate your hair into four sections and braid sleep with over night. In the morning take out and shake. DO NOT BRUSH.

Who were the WAVES?

A World War 2 division of the U.S. Navy consisting entirely of women volunteers. WAVE was an acronym for Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service.
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What is are wave?

I can't be certain where you got this question, but I'm currentlysitting twenty feet from a small lake with a surface covered bywaves. These waves are not crashing on the shor (MORE)
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What is a wave-?

Depending upon the context in which it is used, a wave can mean ahand signal to say 'goodbye' or a rush of water coming in from thesea to the shore.