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What is physical significance of wave function?

The wave function is used to describe the electronic state of a molecule. You then use operators (such as the hamiltonian) to get physical relevance such as momentum or energy (MORE)
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What is the characterstics of a well behaved wave function?

List of the characteristics a well-behaved wave function are ..The function must be single-valued; i.e. at any point in space, the function must have only one numerical value. (MORE)

What is the role of an observer in wave function collapse?

The question itself is controversial, as we're not sure if the observer has anything to do with the wave collapse. However, once the ability to observe (or interact) with a gi (MORE)
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Why does a wave function has to be finite?

The requirement on a wave function is not that it has to be finite but that it has to be finite when integrated over all of space, although the first usually follows from the (MORE)

What is the function of a capacitor in the full wave rectification?

due to the charging of capaitor with the rise in voltage and discharging of capacitor with the fall, the change voltage across it (which is also the ouput voltage of the recti (MORE)
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What is the derivation of the wave function?

A simple wave function can be expressed as a trigonometric function of either sine or cosine. lamba = A sine(a+bt) or lamba = A cosine(a+bt) where lamba = the y value of the (MORE)
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What is meant by overlapping wave functions?

Pretty much the same thing as when ANY type wave activity overlaps.    If a fluid wave from one source meets up with wave in the same  fluid, but from a different sour (MORE)