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What does waxy leaves mean?

Plants such as Hoyas are described as having "waxy" leaves because they have a waxy feel. The waxiness is in actual fact an extra thick cuticle layer on the leaf, designed to (MORE)
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Why do cacti have thick waxy coating?

So they can retain as much water as possible in a dry environment. The waxy coating helps to avoid too much water loss.
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Does a leaf have a waxy surface?

Not all leaves have a waxy surface, but some do. Plant cuticles are a protective waxy covering produced only by the epidermal cells of leaves, young shoots and all other aeria (MORE)
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What plants of the desert have a waxy coating?

A few desert plants have a waxy coating that helps protect them from the heat and dry air of the dessert. These plants include some varieties of Yucca trees, Creosote and Beav (MORE)
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Does water hyacinth have waxy leaves?

YES! The waxy coat of the water hyacinth leaves is waterproof and  covers a spongy parenchyma tissue. Together with its swollen stem,  which is filled with more spongy paren (MORE)