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Used In Waxy Waterproof Coverings?

The waxy waterproof coverings are what covers the stems and leavesof most of the plants. They help the plant not to loss a lot ofwater especially in the dry seasons.
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Why is the cuticle waxy?

A plantâ??s cuticle is waxy because it actually is a type of waxthat is produced by the plant. The purpose of the cuticle is tokeep leaves from drying out.

What is a waxy potato?

Waxy potatoes are translucent and feel moist and pasty. They are good at staying firm and keeping their shape so make great salad potatoes.

Why is the waxy cuticle on a leaf?

The waxy cuticle prevents the excessive transpiration from the leaves. However, the transpiration, a term for water evaporation from plants, can still occur through stomata. W (MORE)

Can a leaf have no waxy surface?

Yes a leaf can not have a waxy surface if it is so adapted. The waxy surface is designed to keep water off, and inside of the leaf. Leaves in the rain forest often have a waxy (MORE)

What does the waxy cuticle help the plants?

The Waxy cuticle in a plant is situated above the upper epidermis. The waxy cuticle provides protection to the epidermis. But the main task of the waxy cuticle is to increase (MORE)