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Who is Wayne Burgraff?

Wayne Burgraff is famous for several different things. He is famousfor some quotes that he has said and he is an American philosopher.

What was Wayne Gretzsky?

Wayne Douglas Gretzky, (born January 26, 1961 in Brantford, Ontario) is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player. He is formerly a part-owner of the Phoenix Coyotes o (MORE)

What does Wayne mean?

Wayne is English in origin. It is an occupational name referring toa person that made wagons; a wainwright.
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What did Lil Wayne do?

In the midst of a career surge that has made him one of rap's biggest stars, Lil Wayne is bracing for a year behind bars after pleading guilty in a three-year-old gun case. Li (MORE)

Who was John Wayne?

John Wayne was and still is an American legend and the biggest movie star of all time. His career in films spanned 50 years with over 200 films to his credit. Born Marion Mich (MORE)

Is Wayne Lil Wayne?

no his name is Dwayne Micheal carter jr. that's where he got lil from!!! lol
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Who is Lil Wayne to Wayne Rooney?

Lil Wayne is a famous singer and Wayne Rooney is a famous football player who plays in Manchester united
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