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Why is the coldest part of the day occur 1 hour before dawn?

The coldest part of the day is NOT 1 hour before dawn. All other factors being equal, the coldest part of the day generally occurs about 30 minutes AFTER sunrise. It may se (MORE)
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What is the deepest dive for a diving bell?

The diving depth record for off shore diving was achieved in 1988 by a team of professional divers of the Comex S.A. industrial deep-sea diving company performing pipe line co (MORE)

What is the hardest dive in diving?

According to the Official FINA Dive Tariff sheet, the hardest dive in terms of degree of difficulty, is a reverse 4 and a half somersault piked from the 3 metre board (309B), (MORE)

What is stand to dawn in World War 1?

  Short for 'Stand-to-Arms', the process of Stand-To was observed morning and evening by both sides of the war in the trenches, most notably on the Western Front. Each m (MORE)
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What is a repetitive dive in scuba diving?

Dives to the same Depths in any 24 hour period are classed as  repetitive dives. After breathing air at depth, your body would  contain more Nitrogen than if would after the (MORE)