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What is 0.997 rounded to 1 decimal place?

One decimal place indicates that the answer will have one digit  after the period. Because we have more than one digit in the  orginal answer, we look at the digit to the ri (MORE)

What places in the Philippines have type 1 climate?

Type I. Two pronounced seasons, dry from November to April, and wet during the rest of the year. Maximum rain period is from June to September. Regions with Type I climate are (MORE)
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How 15.829 round to 1 decimal place?

15.8  Take the number after your desired decimal place. If it's 4 or lower, then the number at the desired decimal place stays the same (in this case, it stays .8). If it's (MORE)

Who said A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do?

Fred MacMurray said it in "The Rains of Ranchipur" in 1955. At the end of 1955 film critic Clyde Gilmour awarded it a prize for the stupidest phrase ever used in a movie. N (MORE)
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How meany vicodin ip 203 do you gotta take to get high?

It depends on your tolerence level if you pop pills regularly about four and a cold beer helps get a higher buzz and if you have zero tolerance for pills like me take two.
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What is 2.34 rounded to 1 decimal place?

To one decimal place, 2.34 is 2.3 ... That's because 4, the hundreds digit is less than 5 so it cannot be 'rounded up' but is 'rounded down.'
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What does 1 decimal place mean?

For a number such as 347.213 it means ignoring all places to the right of the decimal point except the first - hence 347.2 However if the next number (in this case the second (MORE)