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Compare between group study and studying alone?

Some students prefer to study alone while others like to study as a group. I beleive the choice of a student basically depends on his intellectual capabilites as well as his m (MORE)

What is the disadvantage of study groups?

As far as i consider, studying in groups is a good way to study. As when friendz sit together n study they can clear each other's doubts n their concept becomes more clear whi (MORE)

What is a character study in film?

A character study typically refers to a film where the primary  focus is on the evolution of one particular character's  personality, usually the main character. A popular e (MORE)

Why study film making?

you should study it because of all of the special effects you will have to use. You know how the saying goes it isn't as easy as it looks! You don't just push the start button (MORE)

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What is the value of studying film?

y1. You get to watch a ton of movies under the pretext of studying. 2. You might become a teacher of film studies. 3. You learn the elements of story. 4. It might help you get (MORE)