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What are weasel words?

According to WikiPedia: Weasel words is an informal term for words and phrases that, whilst communicating a vague or ambiguous claim, create an impression that something spe (MORE)

Are ferrets weasels?

Yes, Ferrets are in the Weasel family. Weasels are mammals in the genus Mustela of the Mustelidae family. In technical discourse, however, as in American usage, the term "weas (MORE)

What can be the effect of a weasel word in an ad?

Weasel words in advertisements (such as "up to 70% off" or "experts agree that..." or "studies have shown...") can sometimes fool people and convince them to buy a product tha (MORE)

How do weasels hide?

Weasels are able to hide in tiny crannies and narrow holes. Weasels  are small animals that are furry and have sharp teeth.

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What are examples of weasel words?

"Weasel word" (or, "anonymous authority") is an informal term  for words or phrases that are intended to form an impression that a  specific and/or meaningful statement has (MORE)