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What are weasel words?

According to WikiPedia: Weasel words is an informal term for words and phrases that, whilst communicating a vague or ambiguous claim, create an impression that something spe (MORE)

What can be the effect of a weasel word in an ad?

Weasel words in advertisements (such as "up to 70% off" or "experts agree that..." or "studies have shown...") can sometimes fool people and convince them to buy a product tha (MORE)

What is weaseling a dog?

  Weaseling a dog is the term used with the idea that once a dog has a good fight with a weasel he will hunt down and kill any weasel around. So you put the dog in a barre (MORE)

Are there weasel in Africa?

Yes there are about 3 species of weasels in Africa. This includes the least, striped and Saharan striped weasels.
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What are predators of the weasel?

Most animals try to stay away from weasels. But owls, eagles and other birds of prey might attack a weasel. No animals actually consider them prey. But also badgers, coyotes, (MORE)

What do weasels eat?

Weasel is a common name for about 12 species of mammals in the genus Mustela of the Mustelidae family. They are found throughout North America, Asia, Africa, South America, an (MORE)

Does the weasel have a nucleus?

No, weasels do not have a main nucleus, but their cells do. The weasel is an animal, therefore, it is a multicellular organism. All multi cellular organisms are composed of e (MORE)