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How does the Australian Bureau of Meteorology collect up-to-the minute information on the weather in order to produce reliable forecasts?

There are four levels in the process. Firstly, the information is collected from various channels such as satellite, drifting buoys and radar station. Then, the data that is c (MORE)

What is weather?

Weather is how nature manifests its atmospheric conditions in our surroundings. A good example is rain, or a very windy day. In many cases it can be more violent like hurrican (MORE)

How does the weather bureau measure outdoor temperature?

Answer   The specifications are rather exact, so meaurements can be correlated. The box is painted white, facing to the north so no sunlight is in contact with the thermo (MORE)

What is the Plural of bureau?

The plural of bureau is bureaux (from French) or  bureaus.    (The English plural "bureaus" is used almost exclusively for  government agencies.)
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What is the Deuxieme Bureau?

The French intelligence service "second bureau" of the General Staff The Cinquieme Bureau "fifth bureau" is the communications intelligence branch
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What is weathering?

the natural process by which atmospheric and eviromental agents  ,such as wind,rain, and decomposite rocks    "Weathering" (proper spelling) is the breaking down of natu (MORE)

What is a computer bureau?

a COMPUTER BUREAU is essentially a business office that out sources services based on the use of computing facilities. They typically use their own computers and personnel to (MORE)

How can you speak with someone from the credit bureau?

  I would like to know the same thing. I even called the Federal Trade Commission and asked them if they have numbers to actually talk to a human and they said no. As a ma (MORE)
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The Freedmen's Bureau succeeded in?

Established in 1865, The Freedman's Bureau was set up to help  former black slaves and poor whites after the Civil War. It managed  to provide food, shelter, build hospitals (MORE)