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What is a web?

A web is a stick y framework by which a spider hopes to capture  prey.
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What is the web?

The Web is the Internet; you're on it right now. ------------------------------------- The web is not the Internet. The Internet as a whole is a global network consists (MORE)

What is webbing?

  This is straight from, so NO CREDIT TO ME!!!   1. A strong, narrow, closely woven fabric used especially for seat belts and harnesses or in upho (MORE)

How do you get on web?

To be typing here, you are already on the Web. The web is WWW, or the Internet. Type the URL for Google and you can go to millions of websites!
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What is web surfing and web browsing?

Actually this are the two most common terms. but surfing means using net just for the time pass. browsing means using net for any specific purpose.
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